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Child care, parents and nannies

Child care, parents and nannies

11 Mar 2010

Child care, nannies and parents

The nanny, babbysitter, child care giver are real helps for harmonious growing up of the children. Doesnít matter how you want to name them, these persons must be very serious, reliable and trust worthing.

Experience in working with the cildren can be an advantage for those who are appling for a nanny or babysitter position, but is not always a main factor in deciding if a person is suitable for this job or not. Other aspects should prevail, such as: education, character, self control, well taking care aspect.

Parents must have in mind the fact that in this forming period children have the tendency to copy the way of acting of the persons sitting around them, thatís why when we are deciding who the child is going to spend most of the time with, maybe would be better to consider qualificated persons in this area, capable of contributing to the well been and education of the child, very sociable and comunicative persons, who are speaking very well Romanian language and maybe a foreign language too, tidy and clean, a doog example for our child.

For avoiding future problems, parents should explain clearly to children the position of this family new member, reducing this way the child wrong attachment and excessive dependence to sitter.

Useful advice for parents

After long and exhausting searchings you found the right sitter for your child? Well done! Now itís time to introduce him or her to the family and try familiarize the child with the nanny. So, you shouldnít call the nanny in the last day for meeting the child, bring the nanny in the household with 10-14 days before sarting the colaboration. In this manner both of them, child and nanny, will have enough time for interacting one with another and you enough time for supervising them.

Give nanny a hand and help her writing down the child daily rutine: meal hours, sleeping hours, time for walk and play, the pleasant and unpleasant activities.

Emergency phone call numbers such as: your numbers, doctorís numbers, the ones of family members, friends, should be written down in a easy reachable note book.

A tour of the house is welcomed! This way the nanny will be familiarized with the new place of work and know the place of all things in the household.

Useful advice for nannies, sitters

The big day has come and you are meeting the family you will be working for! Itís difficult handling all these overwhelming emotions? All you need to do is beeing as natural as possible and stay calm, no matter what! Be yourself!

You will give a good first impression if you arrive with a few minutes earlier than the fixed hour and speak with the mother about daily tasks.

Pay extra attention to your aspect, a well taking care outfit says a lot about the owner and gives the parents the certainty that their offspring will be in safe hands! They will see that for you order and higiene are life principles!

Act and speak polite, passing this way your proper and polite behavior to the child, for the parents contentment.

Becoming childís friend, confident and playmate, you will win his trust. Donít hesitate encourage him as often as you can, but donít lie to him, children have a special sense of truth.

Good luck!

Child care, parents and nannies
Author: Andreea Ioana Colotin
Source: NannySource

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