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Diplomas and qualification certificates

Diplomas and qualification certificates

16 Oct 2008

When we are looking for a job, regardless the field of activity, diplomas and certificates proving qualifications are helpful. Therefore is very important mentioning in CV all the qualifications and attended courses and having the proof of graduating them: diplomas and certificates.

It\'s good to know that the originals of such diplomas and certificates are not to be handed over, if future employer wants to see them is okay, but he is not allowed to store them. If are required to present such diplomas and certificates for employment file, you will hand over only legalized copies, not the originals.

Improving the knowledge is welcomed in any field, a person who progresses continuously will be one step ahead of the others and find easier a new place to work. If you want building a career in a certain field, and have a good and secure job, training courses are the answer.

Diplomas and qualification certificates
Author: Andreea Ioana Colotin
Source: NannySource

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